Competition Information

The Triple Crown

The Triple Crown consists of three events: Hound Ears (Boone, North Carolina), Horse Pens 40 (Steele, Alabama), and The Stone Fort, formerly known as Little Rock City (Chattanooga, Tennessee).


Winners are determined by highest scores. Each problem has a point value. You can do as many as you want, but your score is determined by adding the total of your 10 highest valued problems. In the event of a tie, the next highest problem will be added, and the person with the highest average will win.

Competition Prizes

Prizes will be awarded for each individual event. These will go to the top finishers of each category. Grand prizes will be awarded at the final event to competitors with the highest cumulative score from three events. Door prizes will be awarded at each event. These will be given out in a number of unique ways.

Rain Dates

Rain dates are always the day after the scheduled event date. If the rock is still wet, the event will be rescheduled for a later date and competitors will be informed by both this web site and by email.

Special Events

Special events will take place the night before each event. In the case of Stone Fort there will be climbing related events in Chattanooga beginning on Thursday prior to the competition.


Due to transportation and overcrowding concerns, all spectators, parents and guardians must register and pay the same as a competitor at the Hound Ears events.


What if I only want to come to one or two of the events?

No worries! Just register for the individual competitions that you would like to attend.

What are the categories of the competition?

  • v0-v2 Men’s Beginner
  • v0-v2 Women’s Beginner
  • v3-v4 Men’s Intermediate
  • v3-v4 Women’s Intermediate
  • v5-v7 Men’s Advanced
  • v5-v7 Women’s Advanced
  • v8+ Men’s Open
  • v8+ Women’s Open

Important Note: Choose a category based on whether or not you could complete two previously unclimbed problems (in a given day) of that grade. That will likely put you into the appropriate category.

I'm really lame and I'd like to compete in a category below my real climbing level so I can win a great prize. What should I do?

Don't come to this event. Space is limited and we want only excited climbers who encourage each other. The judges of the Triple Crown reserve the right to "bump" competitors into a higher category if their score reflects they should belong there. Make this event more fun for everyone and do your best to place yourself into the appropriate category.

I'm from ******** and I've never climbed in the Southeast. Is there anything that I should know about the grades down there? Are they hard, soft or what?!?

Ratings are very subjective. One person's V1 is another's V6. Suggestions on ratings are welcome but don't complain about any unfair advantages due to height, weight, health, or religious beliefs.